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নমস্কার !
For the last thirty five years we have been enthusiastically organizing Durga Puja in our BE (West) block, Salt Lake City, Kolkata. This year we will be celebrating 36th year of our Durga Puja, দুর্গোৎসব ১৪২৬, ৩৬ তম বর্ষ, from October 4 to October 8. 
It gives us great pleasure to invite you once again to take part in the Durga Puja celebration. The route-map will help you to reach our Puja pandal at the BE Park, BE Block, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700064.
Apart from organizing the Puja, we are involved in various social activities, and also we liberally contribute for the welfare of the society. Please visit our Social Work page to read more.
We are very happy to  announce that Durgotsav 2018 won several prizes and awards. Please visit our Awards & Prize page to know more. There is a short video on our Durgotsav 2018 celebration. Clich here to see the video.
This year our Puja Theme is "Global Warming - বিশ্ব উষ্ণায়ন". We will try to reach out to the visitors to increase awareness against this phenomenon, which is one of the biggest threat to the man-kind of our beautiful world. We will put-up displays to communicate how, just by doing small things, we can slowdown the "Global Warming" process.
Please call us if you have any question. 
Shampa Aich
Contact numbers are: 9674132309| 9830035569| 9331039375 | 9748270075 |